Who We Are

Aaron’s Staff is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing respite for parents and guardians who have children with special needs. The ministry is made up of volunteers from area churches, schools and individuals who give of their time to provide quality care for the children and their siblings while the parents take some time for themselves.

The founders of Aaron’s Staff, Rhoda and Tim Trimble, can identify with the parents and guardians of these children. For 27 years, they took care of their son Aaron, who was the first of their five children and had a severe case of cerebral palsy. The challenges they faced were many and lengthy, and rest was difficult to come by. It has been a dream of theirs for many years to be able to help families who find themselves in similar need. That time has come.

The foundations for Aaron’s Staff were set in March of 2010 and the ministry was launched in June of that same year. The respite is currently conducted at the First United Methodist of Alabaster on Hwy. 119 and at the University Baptist Church in Montevallo, Alabama.

As a ministry, Aaron’s Staff currently provides respite care on two evenings a month. Our vision is to some day be able to provide counseling services (which are now available on a limited basis), small group support, summer day care and a year-round daily program.

Aaron’s Staff is connected to other organizations and agencies through the Alabama Lifespan Respite Resource network which includes Sharing the Care in the Birmingham metro area.

To be able to help “lift the load” and meet the needs of the family on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis is the mission of this great group of directors, medical personnel and helpers. Volunteer with Aaron’s Staff or bring your child/children to one of our respite times currently held on the first or third Saturdays of every month.