What is Respite Care?

Respite Care at Aaron’s Staff means supporting the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children with disabilities and their families. It is a temporary relief to the primary caregiver  from the continuous support and care of a child with a disability or special needs. Respite care is also designed to address the social, recreational, and spiritual needs of the children and their siblings.

The Need for Respite Care

Parents of children with special needs frequently neglect to nurture themselves. They need respite care: an interval of rest and relief. Receiving such help can truly mean the difference between success and breakdown in many families. Unfortunately, respite care is usually limited, expensive and provided by professionals who are not well known by the family.

Meeting the Need

Aaron’s Staff provides respite care in a personalized manner with each child’s abilities in mind. While parents enjoy an evening to themselves, children enjoy fun-filled activities in a safe, nurturing environment. Family and individual counseling services are available, along with support groups.