April 2020 Update

Dear Aaron Staffers,

We sure are missing serving our Aaron Staff Community.  It looks like we will have to put Respite on hold for one more month.  Hopefully, we will be able to serve our families in May 2020.

If there is anything we can do to help during this very challenging time, please reach out to us at: 205-261-9914.

We are planning to have a Big Birthday Bash in the month of June to celebrate our 10th year Anniversary.  More details will come out in due time concerning this event.

We just want to stay in touch during these days.  We are convinced that God is at work at this time more than ever before.  Tim and i are praying for each one of our families that we serve as well as our dear volunteers and faithful supporters.  There is also a prayer team that is calling out your names on a regular basis to Our Heavenly Father for all of your needs.

Psalms 33 is a great psalm to cling to right now especially verses 18-22.   Let the Word of God minister to each of you daily.

May all of you find hope in the Lord our Maker in the coming days/weeks.  Look up to where our help comes from

All Because of Him,